*please note, cosmetic tattoo procedures are not available via the online scheduler! consultations, however, are! please see below*




microblading or powder brows application 

**this session is for those who have not had previous work on their brows, please see corrections below if this is not your first time getting a brow tattoo procedure. 

Brows are most often a 2-3 step layering process

1st Session $450 

2nd Session $100

3rd Session (if needed) $100

*Combo brows (microblading +shading) +50


annual Touch up (after initial sessions have been completed)

12+ month $300

18+ month $350

beyond 24 months  - full current price


Lash Enhancement / thin Eyeliner

1st Session  $300

2nd Session  $125



15 minute consultation - complimentary

time allowed to discuss color, shape, the procedure, aftercare and decision making


existing work/corrections

Please note, if you currently have pre-existing brows/liner done by another artist, please schedule a consultation or send a clear photograph to determine if you are a candidate. Ideal candidates will have ~75% fading of previous work remaining, less fading will require removal/lightening.

existing work - (if sufficiently faded) $450

corrections $550+

corrections with removal/lightening 700+ 


 Appointments will be taken at the discretion of the studio.