what is a semi-permanent or cosmetic tattoo? What method do you use?


Semi-permanent tattooing is the process using sterile, disposable needles to implant pigment beneath the surface of the skin to mimic the appearance of hair strokes or makeup.  Semi-permanent tattoos are different than traditional tattooing, in that they are designed to fade over time. 

Brows can be done in several styles, including hair stroke, powder/ombre style brow or a combination of the two with hair strokes and shading.  We may use a microblade (flat-needle handtool), a needle shader (handtool), or a machine, depending on skin type, color retention and desired result.

is it Painful?

A two-step topical anesthetic is applied throughout the procedure.  Sensitivity levels will vary from client to client, however, every effort is made to ensure communication and comfort are optimal throughout the session.  Several factors can affect sensitivity including: those who are frequent smokers, consumption of caffeine, those on their menstrual cycle or diagnosed fibromyalgia.

How will i look afterward? what is the healing process?

Your brows will look darker, slightly larger and more defined then they will upon being fully healed.  You may have minimal redness and swelling that diminishes after 12 hours. 

Why are multiple sessions required?

Semi-permanent makeup is ultimately a pigment layering process.  We work through several appointments to build the correct color, shape and dimension.

At the first appointment, we will set the shape of your brow.  Upon leaving this session, you will have beautiful brows.  Keep in mind, during the healing process the color can fade and  uneven retention is always a possibility.  Different types of skin (oily/sensitive), and failure to follow aftercare instructions will all contribute to increased pigment fading.

During the second appointment, color, dimension and shape will be further perfected.  Color retention will be much stronger upon the second visit.

A third appointment is available by request for those who need further refining.

am I a good candidate?

The following conditions are contraindications for cosmetic tattoo:

Less than 18 years of age

Pregnant or Nursing


Prone to Keloids/Hyperpigment Disorder

Autoimmune Disease/Disorder

Undergoing Hormone Therapy or Chemotherapy

High Blood Pressure or use of blood thinners



Heart Disorders


Recipient of an organ transplant

Viral or Bacterial Infections

Use of Accutane within the last year

Used antibiotics within 30 days prior to appointment


*A waiver of diagnosed conditions will require a note of approval from your physician.

what if i am pregnant or nursing?

You must no longer be pregnant and fully finished breastfeeding in order to come in for the tattoo session.

how long will my brows last?

Your brows will gradually fade over time, and for optimal results, a touch up will be done at 12-18 months.  Many factors will determine the frequency of touchups, including:  sun exposure, the pigment color used (lighter will fade more quickly) and use of skincare products (anti aging,  anti acne, peels and acids).

what variables will affect the staying power of my brows?

anti-aging or acne products

pigment color - lighter colors will fade more quickly than darker

sun exposure - sun block should be worn daily and use of a hat to shield your brow area

indoor tanning - tanning beds will quickly fade your brows and should be avoided.

oily skin - microblading strokes will heal as more of a soft powder brow.  Machine ombre brows are a good fit for oily types.

Is the studio and equipment safe?

Fraiche is a fully licensed/inspected Tattoo and Esthetic Facility through the Oregon Health Licensing Department, with Shannon being a licensed Tattoo Artist and Esthetician.  Only single use, disposable needles, tools and supplies are used.  This means after each client, all supplied are disposed of.  


What is your cancellation policy?

Your time is valuable, as is ours! Cancellations/reschedules with less than 48 hours notice, no shows and those more than 20 minutes late are subject to forfeiture of their deposit.  Traffic in Portland can be finicky, as can parking in the NW 23rd District-please plan accordingly with plenty of time.  (on street parking is metered, Sundays are free).

How do I schedule an appointment?

Appointments may be made via email only.  Please email directly or use the form on the "contact" form.  Please read the information on this website about cosmetic tattoo to determine if you are a candidate before inquiring.  A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure your appointment and will be deducted from the total price of your session.