What are eyelash extensions? 

Lash extensions are a safe and fun way to enhance and play up your eyes! Here at Fraîche we specialize in classic extensions meaning one extension is applied per one natural lash. The process is as follows: 

- Using gel pads we cover your bottom lashes to insure they are out of the way while applying extensions to your upper lash line

- With your eyes closed our trained lash artists isolate one natural lash, dip an extension in an adhesive designed specifically for use around the delicate eye area, and apply the extension to the isolated natural lash

- Repeat the process on each eyelash to design and create the look of your dreams! 


There are several types of lengths, thicknesses, and curls to choose from, which you and your lash professional will decide on at your appointment. 


What type of of extensions do you use?

We offer two types of extensions:

Synthetic Silk- These lashes have a semi-gloss finish, and a shallow taper for a dramatic mascara type look. Ideal for: Bold lash looks. 

Synthetic Mink- These lashes have a semi-matte finish, and have a deep taper for the ultimate in softness. Ideal for: Soft, realistic lash looks. 


How do I prepare for my appointment and how long will it last? 

Please arrive free of any eye makeup + lashes freshly cleansed and rinsed of any detergent. If you are unable to come to your appointment without eye makeup please arrive early to allow time for a cleanse. A full set takes 1.5-2hrs to apply so it is best to avoid beverages or stimulants before coming in. Feel free to bring ear buds if you prefer to listen to your own music during your appointment. For our services it is crucial for us to have a steady surface to work on, we encourage a relaxing environment so be prepared to lay still and enjoy your experience. 


Will extensions damage my natural lashes?

No! This is a myth we love to bust- when extensions are applied correctly there should be NO damage to your natural lash. Our top priority is to maintain your natural lash integrity and our lash artists are trained to pick a lash weight and length that is suitable for you. We will always make recommendations towards your lash look so you can wear your extensions indefinitely. 


How long does a full set last and how often do I need a fill?

A natural lash growth cycle is 60 to 75 days, meaning it is normal to shed 1-3 lashes per day. A full set may last you up to a month, but fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain and keep your lashes looking full + Fraîche! 


What is the difference between a half hour vs an hour fill? 

Our fill times indicate how long your lash artist has to fill your lashes. A half hour appointment is great for touch ups or clients coming in every two weeks. If you are coming every three weeks or longer we recommend an hour fill so your lash artist has plenty of time fill your lashes to perfection. 


Can I apply mascara to my extensions? 

We strongly advise against the use of mascara while you have lash extensions. The benefits of lashes include ditching the mascara tube, but should you feel the need to wear it please note that it will greatly reduce the life span of your lashes. Many mascaras contain ingredients that break down the bond of our adhesive meaning you will lose lashes quicker and it puts you at risk to collect more bacteria on and around your lash line. Lashes must be squeaky clean to apply extensions so it poses a challenge for your lash artist to clean off your eye make at your appointments- be sure to give your lashes a good cleanse before coming in to insure all of your appointment time is being dedicated to lashing! 


Are extensions waterproof?

After a full set or fill it is very important to not get your lashes wet for a minimum of 24hrs. After that time frame lashes become waterproof and are safe to shower or swim with. Our adhesive requires 24hrs to fully cure or "set"- too much exposure to water too soon will cause the lashes to hyper-polymerize (dry too quickly) which may affect their lifespan. 


What kind of aftercare is required for lashes?

- NO oil products on or too close to your lashes (be careful of eye creams, moisturizers, eye make-up removers)

- Treat your lashes with care- no tugging, pulling, or rubbing your lashes. If wearing eye shadow or eyeliner always remove very gently with an oil free makeup remover

- Cleanse your lashes 1-2x a week with a cleanser recommended by your lash artist

- Do not wet for 24 hrs after your appointment

- Get fills regularly (every 2-3 weeks)