How do I prepare for my airbrush tan?

Exfoliate well prior to your scheduled appointment and avoid wearing lotions or oil on your skin.  We provide makeup remover wipes and cleanser/towels if you arrive wearing makeup.

What should I wear while I am being sprayed?

We provide both disposable tops and bottoms for your convenience, modest and less modest in style.  You are also free to wear your own undergarments, bikini, swimsuit, shorts or to wear nothing.  

What should I wear after I have been tanned?

Bring loose fitting, dark clothing to wear afterward.  Please note, we do provide disposable rain ponchos to cover up and protect your tan on rainy Portland days!

Will I look natural? Orange?!

Airbrush Solutions have come a long way! We specialize in light, natural-looking airbrush tans (no orange!), although we can certainly kick up the intensity if you desire.  We will chat when you arrive about what look you envision and blend the color appropriately.

Will the tan rub off on my sheets or furniture?

Prior to your first shower rinse, the visual bronzer can rub off on clothing, furniture and sheets.  Take note when on light furniture, leather seats, etc.  The bronzer can be removed from sheets with oxyclean but can be avoided by sleeping on a towel or blanket.

How long will the tan last?

Most clients find with proper aftercare (hydration is key!) our airbrush tans last 7-9 days.  For this reason, I recommend waiting at least 10 days to be resprayed in order to let the tan fully fade/shed and to begin your new tan with a fresh canvas.

How soon before my event or vacation should I get an airbrush tan?

One to two days is ideal for an event.  Throughout the years, I have found most Saturday Brides prefer to schedule their tanning appointment for a Thursday.  Don't forget to schedule a trial appointment for best results in finding the desired color for the big day.  For vacations, we recommend scheduling your tan as close to your departure date as possible to be sure you have long lasting results. 

When can I shower?

Those who wish to not sleep in their tan (prior to the first shower), morning appointments prior to 11 am are ideal.  After 11 am, it is recommended to shower the following morning.  A minimum of 8 hours is recommended, although the longevity of the tan can be encouraged by waiting 12+ hours.